Technology Update on Next Generation Performance Oscilloscopes

Tektronix Innovation Breakthrough

Coming in 2014, the next generation of high performance real-time oscilloscopes will deliver real-time bandwidth of 70 GHz, with significant upside potential. The new oscilloscope platform will deliver the performance and signal fidelity needed for applications such as 400 Gbps and 1 Tbps optical communications and fourth generation serial data communications.

The extraordinary gain in bandwidth performance, with improved signal fidelity, is due to the development by Tektronix engineers of the newly patented signal processing architecture called  Asynchronous Time Interleaving and IBM's latest 9HP silicon-germanium (SiGe) chip-making process.

For more information on Tektronix’ Asynchronous Time Interleaving and the next generation of real-time performance oscilloscopes, download and view the following:

  • Tektronix Innovation Breakthrough video – Tektronix CTO Kevin Ilcisin discusses the expected benefits of newly patented Asynchronous Time Interleaving.
  • Techniques for Extending Real-Time Oscilloscope Bandwidth whitepaper – See how interleaving techniques are used to extend the bandwidth performance of real-time scopes. Gain insight into the potential improvement in signal fidelity enabled by an asynchronous time-interleaved approach.
  • Read the latest press release from Tektronix on Asynchronous Time Interleaving and from IBM on their 9HP silicon-germanium (SiGe) chip-making process.
  • View the Asynchronous Time Interleaving patent in detail.

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