Tektronix USB Tx 和 Rx 軟體解決方案滿足 USB 3.1 Type-C、USB 3.1 和 USB 2.0 系統設計工程師的電子驗證、相容性、特性化及除錯需求 (符合 USB-IF 測試標準)。亦可提供 USB-PD 電子參數及通訊協定量測相容性的解決方案。

最新消息!自動化 USB 3.1 Type-C 測試解決方案

使用 Tektronix 示波器和 BERT 的發射器和接收器測試 

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瞭解和執行 USB 2.0 實體層測試

本應用摘要提供了 USB 2.0 實體層測試的概述,包括訊號品質、湧入電流檢查、下降和衰退的測試,以及電氣相容性測試。

The Basics of Serial Data Compliance and Validation Measurements

This primer is designed to help you understand the common aspects of serial data transmission & to explain the analog and digital measurement requirements that apply to these emerging serial technologies

USB 3.0 接收器相容性測試

本應用摘要涵蓋了 USB3.0 接收器測試的所有面向,包括利用已量測的裝置邊際測試的應力眼狀圖校驗和抖動容限測試。

Advanced Serdes Debug with a BERT

Learn simple strategies to pinpoint bit errors to the exact bit position and timing with powerful Error Location Analysis and a BERT.

High Speed Interface StandardsThis e-Guide will help you learn more about design challenges for testing PCIe 4.0, SAS, SuperSpeed USB, and DDR4 standards. Within the pages of the eGuide you will also get quick access to technical resources that will help you understand design challenges and pick the right solution for your test needs.
USB 2.0 Compliance SolutionThis fact sheet details the recommended equipment to meet the USB 2.0 compliance testing requirements.

當今嵌入式系統已經無所不在。嵌入式系統可簡單定義為屬於大 型系統或機器的一部分,是一種專用的電腦系統,其目的是為該 系統或機器提供監測和控制服務。典型的嵌入式系統是從啟動時 即開始執行某些專用的應用程式,直到關閉後才會停止。當前設 計和製造的所有電子裝置,均屬於嵌入式系統。

Tektronix USB 測試解決方案 (簡中)Tektronix 為電氣驗證與相容性測試、訊號路徑特性分析、數位驗證與除錯提供了 USB 解決方案,包括 MSO/DPO4000、MSO4000、DPO4000。
簡化 USB 3.0 設計的認證和除錯

本應用摘要探討與 USB 3.0 相關的新挑戰,以及執行超速設計驗證和除錯程序所需的工具。

USB 3.0 Physical Layer Measurements

Evaluation Engineering

Debug physical layer and link training issues quickly for standards running up to…


Get the full featured spectrum analyzers you need in one small, low price package…

This short video demonstrates testing concepts for USB 3.1 Transmitter Testing;…

Discover how to use a Tektronix MSO5000B Series Oscilloscope to validate the…


Learn how to dramatically cut down test time on required compliance interop tests…

Simplify your USB Type-C Design Validation - From Complexity to Confidence.

Comprehensive tools for debugging failures are key to building confidence that your product will pass compliance and achieve certification. This in-depth webinar will help simplify your validation tasks, moving from complexity to confidence.

Testing USB 3.1 View this short webinar to learn more about this new standard and how to prepare for compliance tests.
USB 2.0 Host MOI

High-Speed Electrical Testing - Host MOI

USB 2.0 Hub MOI

High-Speed Electrical Testing - Hub MOI

High-Speed Electrical Testing - Hub MOIHigh-Speed Electrical Testing - Hub MOI
Tektronix USB2.0 Device MOIUSB 2.0 Universal Serial Bus Measurement MOI
Tektronix High-Speed Electrical Testing - Host MOI High-Speed Electrical Testing - Host MOI
USB 3.1 Receiver Testing MOIThis MOI reviews the methods used for USB 3.1 (10 Gb/s) receiver compliance testing using the BERTScope Bit Error Rate Testers.
USB 2.0 Test Procedures MOIUSB 2.0 Test Procedures Method of Implementation
USB 3.1 Cable Tests MOIThis MOI specifies the testing procedures for the SuperSpeed channels of a USB 3.1 cable and mated cable assembly including Type-C to Type-C and Type-C to legacy connectors.
USB 3.0 電纜測試 MOI

此 MOI 針對 USB 3.0 電纜和配對電纜組件的超高速通道指定相關的測試程序。

此 MOI 檢視使用 BERTScope 誤碼率測試儀進行 USB 3.0 接收器相容性測試的方法。

This MOI reviews the methods used for USB 3.0 receiver compliance testing using the BERTScope Bit Error Rate Testers.



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