2700/2701/2750 IVI Driver for Visual Basic (VB6), VC/C++, LabVIEW (LV) & LabWindows/CVI Rev. B01.4 - Requires Installation of Keithley I/O Layer (KIOL-850B04 or older) (Win-98, Win-NT, and Win-ME only)

IVI style multi-platform Instrument Driver for the 2700 and 2750. May be used with LabView 5.1 or later, or LabWindows CVI 5.5 or later. 08-21-02: Adds support for 2701, fixes bugs. New part number and version. 2700-852B01 Version B01. 4-30-03: Maintenace Release version 2700-852B01.1 11-20-03: Maintenance Release version 2700-852B01.3. Adds Labview 7 support, improves performance in fast read mode, and fixes a few bugs. 01-05-05: Major change. IVI Driver separated from Keithley I/O Layer. I/O layer now uploaded to website as separate driver download under Keithley I/O Layer (KIOL-850B04 or older). Supports Labview 5.1 - 7.1. Executable file. (Win-98, Win-NT, and Win-ME only)

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  • 零件編號: 2700-852BB01.4
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