What's included in the 3 Series MDO DDU option?


What's included in the 3 Series MDO DDU option? 


The Distribution Demo Unit (DDU) option on Tektronix oscilloscopes is an option provided to distributors for demoing scopes to customers with a set time limit before it expires. 

The 3 Series MDO option DDU includes most scope options (e.g. MSO*, AFG, SA, Serial Bus Analysis, Power Analysis) but does not include options SEC or DVM. 

Note: MSO Logic Probe P6316 is NOT included in option DDU for the 3 series MDO.

Acronyms: Arbitrary Function Generator (AFG), Digital Volt Meter (DVM), Spectrum Analyzer (SA), Enhanced Security option (SEC)

This FAQ Applies to:

Product Series: 3 Series MDO Mixed Domain Oscilloscope

Product: MDO32, MDO34

FAQ ID : 777651

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