DMM6500 Scan Temperature Channels using 2001-TCSCAN Card


How do I perform a temperature scan using Keithley DMM6500 and 2001-TCSCAN?


  1. Cycle power to the 6500.
  2. Select TEMP.
  3. Press MENU.
  4. In the CHANNEL column, select Settings.
  5. Select channel 1.
  6. Select Function to Temperature.
  7. Select Transducer to CJC2001.
  8. Select Unit to F.
  9. Select Channel 2.
  10. Select Function to Temperature.
  11. Select Transducer to Thermocouple.
  12. Select Reference Junction to External.
  13. Select Unit to F.
  14. Press MENU.
  15. In the Channel column, select Scan.
  16. Select Use Preview.
  17. Select SCAN tab.
  18. Select SCAN COUNT to 10.
  19. Press START.
  20. Press HOME. Now verify the readings by pressing MENU, in the VIEWS column select Reading Table.

This FAQ Applies to:

Product Series: DMM6500 6½-Digit Graphical Touchscreen Digital Multimeter

Product: 2001-TCSCAN, DMM6500

FAQ ID : 471676

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