The applications modules I purchased are no longer showing up in my scope.


My company purchased a Tektronix MDO4104C oscilloscope last year and we purchased three application modules. They are not showing up on our scope anymore and we would like some help getting them back.


Push Utility on the front panel. If needed, push Utility Page on the lower menu and turn multipurpose knob a to select Config.  Push Manage Modules and Options on the lower menu, and then push License Type on the side menu until “Modules” is selected. The licenses contained in the oscilloscope will be listed in the side menu.

If there are no applications listed, the application keys may have been removed from the instrument.

This FAQ Applies to:

Product Series: MDO3000, MDO4000

Product: MDO3012, MDO3014, MDO3022, MDO3024, MDO3032, MDO3034, MDO3052, MDO3054, MDO3102, MDO3104, MDO3AERO, MDO3AFG, MDO3AUDIO, MDO3AUTO, MDO3BND, MDO3COMP, MDO3EMBD, MDO3FLEX, MDO3LMT, MDO3MSO, MDO3PWR, MDO4014-3, MDO4014B-3, MDO4024C, MDO4034-3, MDO4034B-3, MDO4034C, MDO4054-3, MDO4054-6, MDO4054B-3, MDO4054B-6, MDO4054C, MDO4104-3, MDO4104-6, MDO4104B-3, MDO4104B-6, MDO4104C

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