Gold Care Plans

A very high level of service designed to keep you up and running, and help you extract the most value from your Tektronix product.

Tektronix understands the impact that downtime has on productivity and budget management. Tektronix also understands that continually and reliably making measurements with your product is key to winning the time to market battle. To help you win we have created the Gold Care Plan, packaged with a set of features that allows you to continually use your Tektronix product, without incurring any unplanned service cost over the coverage period.


  • Our commitment to the best service in the industry guarantees your repair to like-new factory performance.
  • Our commitment to low downtime means we offer a loaner of equal or higher performance if your product needs repair.
  • Our commitment to known costs means we cover customer caused ESD and EOS damage*.
  • Our repair experts are backed by the engineers who designed your equipment.


  • Minimize downtimes with one-call process—no quotes, purchase orders or approval delays.
  • Our commitment to keep you testing means we offer priority access to our Customer Care Centers to quickly answer your questions.
  • Tektronix repair coverage spans the globe with technicians everywhere having immediate access to parts and tools.


  • Our commitment to your measurement accuracy means we offer a discount on scheduled Factory Certified calibration.
  • Our commitment to quality means all repair work includes calibration to restore accuracy specifications.
  • Tektronix provides complete compliance with regional and international standards.
  • Tektronix administers both accredited and fully traceable calibration levels.

Cost Effectiveness

  • With the coverage of customer accidental damage, expect no normal additional service cost over the coverage period.
  • Our multi-year plans offer peace-of-mind against price increases, gaps in coverage and budget surprises.
  • Enjoy discounted plan pricing when purchased with your equipment, with higher discounts for longer coverage.

* limits apply