正在尋找使用 100 MHz、300 MHz 和 500 MHz 的 MSO/DPO3000 系列嗎?您將會發現 MDO3000 系列能以一代三。這些混合域示波器具有內建的頻譜分析儀、任意/函數產生器,以及高達 1 GHz 的頻寬。


MSO/DPO3000 系列混合訊號示波器擁有高達 500 MHz 的頻寬和 2.5 GS/秒的取樣率,為當前許多主流應用提供了所需的效能。 由於多達 20 個通道,您可以使用一台儀器,同時分析類比訊號和數位訊號。 再加上自動串列和並列匯流排分析、創新的 Wave Inspector® 控制功能和自動電源量測功能,MSO/DPO3000 系列為您提供了所需的多功能工具,可簡化並加速複雜設計的除錯工作。



Up to 4 analog and 16 digital channels Analyze analog and digital signals on a single instrument for system-level troubleshooting of complex designs.
Digital phosphor display Quickly discover glitches and infrequent events with a greater than 50,000 wfm/s waveform capture rate and intensity-graded display.
Complete set of triggers Rapidly capture signal anomalies with over 125 available trigger combinations, including setup/hold, serial packet content and parallel data.
Wave Inspector® controls Easily search, mark and navigate long record lengths to find all occurrences of your event.
Automated Measurements Simplify analysis of your device with 29 automated measurements, FFT analysis, measurement statistics, and advanced waveform math.
Parallel bus triggering and analysis (MSO Series) Quickly debug your parallel bus with automated trigger, decode and search. Capture fast transitions with timing resolution up to 121.2 ps.
Serial triggering and analysis (optional) Quickly debug common serial buses with automated trigger, decode and search - I2C, SPI, MIL-STD-1553, CAN, LIN, FlexRay, RS-232/422/485/UART and I2S/LJ/RJ/TDM.
Power analysis (optional) Achieve fast, accurate results with integrated automated power measurements.
Upgradable bandwidth   Purchase the performance you need today that fits your budget, and simply upgrade the bandwidth when your project requirements change.