Cerify SOFTWARE UPDATE, Version 7.5.1

Cerify v7.5 (Windows) can be installed as a new installation or to update an existing installation of Cerify (Windows). It can also be used for evaluations in demo mode.

If your evaluation involves processing of files other than the ones provided with this package, you will need a demo license dongle. Please contact your Tektronix representative to attain a demo dongle. Please refer to the release notes for details about what's new in this release.

Cerify 7.5 introduces the following features:
- Support for automated audio loudness correction and remuxing
- Full support for Dolby E
- Support for LXF container format
- Enhanced PDF reporting capability
- Timecode analysis for H.264 and DV video
- Analysis of SMPTE302M audio
- Support for analysis of closed caption in H.264 video
- HLS ABR content readiness verification
- MXF metadata tests
- Addition and improvements for video quality tests

PLEASE NOTE: Customer dongles used with previous versions of Cerify need to be reprogrammed to be used with version 7.5. Please ensure that you get an updated license file from Tektronix prior to upgrading your Cerify system to this software as the older license will not work with this new version. To update the license on your existing Cerify system, please send the c2v file for your license dongle to [email protected]

Demo dongles can be used with this version without a need for any update unless Automated Loudness Correction (ALC) functionality is needed.

  • 版本: V7.5.1.24
  • 軟體類型: 應用
  • 發行日期:
  • 零件編號: 066423409

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