Series 2200 Single Channel Programmable DC Power Supplies Firmware v1.28

This download contains the installation files for Series 2200 Single Channel Power Supplies firmware version 1.28. This versions corrects a problem with the Remote Inhibit function.To install the new firmware, please connect the instrument to your PC, extract the files from the .zip file and run Update.exe.

  • 版本: 1.28
  • 軟體類型: Firmware
  • 發行日期:
  • 零件編號: 2200-SERIES-FRP-V1.28

下載即代表您同意 手冊下載協議的條款與條件。

此軟體適用於: 2200-20-5, 2200-30-5, 2200-32-3, 2200-60-2, 2200-72-1



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