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Power Device Analysis - Switching Loss, HiPower Finder, B-H Analysis, Magnetic Loss, Inductance, Maximum Magnetic Flux Density, Permeability, Remanence Flux Density, Coercive Force, Total Loss*1, Safe Operating Area (SOA), Gated SOA, SOA Mask Editor with Mask Testing, Dynamic On Resistance, di/dt, dv/dt.

Line Power Measurements - True Power, Apparent Power, Power Factor, Crest Factor, Current Harmonic, THD, Precompliance testing for EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-2 AM14 standard and MIL standard 1399 (400 Hz).

Output Measurement - Ripple due to line frequency and switching frequency, Turn on time.

Modulation Analysis - Pulse Width, Duty Cycle, Period, and Frequency variation vs. Time.

Spectral Analysis - Automated Spectral analyses by setting start frequency, stop frequency, and resolution bandwidth.

Report Generation - Create template, custom report layout, and report generation.

Deskew - Automatic.

*1 Total loss measurement needs four channels; it is not supported in TDS5032B or TDS5052B.

Tektronix Oscilloscopes and Probes Supported

TDS5000B Series Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes - TDS5032B, TDS5034B, TDS5054B, TDS5054BE, TDS5052B, TDS5104B.

TDS7000/7000B Series Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes - TDS7054, TDS7104, TDS7154B*2, TDS7254B*2, TDS7404B*2.

CSA7000 Series Communications Signal Analyzer - CSA7154*2, CSA7404*2

TDS6000B Models Digital Storage Oscilloscope - TDS6404B*2, TDS6604B*2

Current Probes - TCP202, TCPA 300 with TCP312, TCP305, TCP303, TCPA400 with TCP404XL, AM503B with A6312, A6302, A6303, P6021, or P6022

Differential Probes - P5205, P5210, P5200 and ADA400A

Deskew Fixture - 067-1478-00

Probe Adapter - TCA-1MEG, while using with TDS6000B/CSA7000/TDS7154B/TDS7254B/TDS7404B

*2 A TCA-1MEG TekConnect 1 MΩ buffer amplifier is required to use a 1 MΩ differential probe with the TDS7154B/TDS7254B/TDS7404B, TDS6000B models, and CSA7000 Series oscilloscopes.

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