Active Probe
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Features & Benefits

  • <140 ps Rise Time (guaranteed)
  • 2.5 GHz Bandwidth
  • ≤0.8 pF Input Capacitance
  • 8 Vpk-pk Dynamic Range
  • 40 kΩ Input Resistance
  • TekConnect® Interface
  • Supports TDS7154/7254 Active Probe Needs by Providing a TekConnect 2.5 GHz, 8 Vpk-pk Dynamic-range Cost-effective Probing Solution for Mid-band Real-time Oscilloscopes
  • 10x Attenuation


  • Verification, Debug, and Characterization of High-speed Designs
  • Design, Development, and Compliance Testing
  • Signal Integrity, Jitter, and Timing Analysis
  • Manufacturing Engineering and Test
  • Signals with Voltage Swings up to 8 Vpk-pk


Selecting the right probe for your application is key to attaining the best signal fidelity in your measurements. Active probes provide truer signal reproduction and fidelity for high-frequency measurements. With our ultra-low input capacitance and high input resistance provided by the P7225, you are able to make measurements with minimal signal distortion. This probe offers a wide 8 Vpk-pk dynamic range to access today's voltage levels.

Performance You Can Count On

Depend on Tektronix to provide you with performance you can count on. In addition to industry-leading service and support, this product comes backed by a one-year warranty as standard.


Physical Characteristics

Rise Time - <140 ps.

Bandwidth - 2.5 GHz.

Attenuation - 10x.

DC Resistance - 40 kΩ.

Input Capacitance - ≤0.8 pF.

Dynamic Range - ±4 V.

Offset Range - ±10 V.

Interface - TekConnect®.

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