50 Ω Divider (Zo) Low Capacitance
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Features & Benefits

Low Impedance Zo TDR Passive Probes
  • Low Capacitive Loading to Extremely High Frequencies
  • Interchangeable Attenuator Tip Assemblies: 1X, 10X (P6150)


  • High-speed Device Characterization in Microwave Communication, Signal Processing and Logic Applications
  • Propagation Delays for ECL, GaAs and Other Logic Circuitry and Devices
  • Circuit Board Impedance Testing (TDR)
  • High-speed Sampling Systems

P6150 DC to 9 GHz

The P6150 is a 9 GHz bandwidth, 10X attenuation, low impedance probe designed for use with the SD2X family of Sampling/TDR plug-ins. The probe consists of interchangeable, screw-in attenuator tip assemblies (1X and 10X) and an SMA-to-SMA probe cable. An assortment of circuit and grounding attachments is included to optimize attachment to the device under test while maintaining high signal integrity.


Nominal Length - 1 m.

Attenuation - 10X: ±2%, 1X: ±2%.

Bandwidth - 9 GHz, ≥3 GHz

Rise Time - <38.8 ps, ≤170 ps.

Loading Input R/C - 500 Ω/<0.15 pF, 50 Ω/N/A.

Max V in - 12.5 VRMS*1.

Propagation Delay - 4.40 ns ±0.1 ns, 4.40 ns ±0.1 ns.

*1 Limited by scope input or 30 VRMS, whichever is less.

Recommended Instruments

TDS8000, CSA8000, TDS820, 11801C, CSA803C, TDS7404, CSA7404, TDS6404, and TDS6604 with TCA-SMA adapter.

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