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Tektronix 邏輯分析儀探棒


特色 & 優勢

  • 電路板之全電容負載最小干擾
  • 20 kΩ 輸入電阻
  • 邏輯系列的主要支援動態範圍 6.5 Vp-p
  • 通用探棒允許彈性附接至業界標準的連接器上
  • 無接頭式探棒系統取代電路板式接頭


  • 硬體除錯與驗證
  • 處理器/匯排流的除錯與驗證
  • 嵌入式軟體的整合、除錯與驗證


沒有一項測試與量測方案能完全排除探測所帶給您的系統及量測時間的影響。有了業界最低探棒負載, P6419 邏輯分析儀探棒能保護您訊號的完整性,以降低在設計中所產生的影響。您可從許多附接裝置機制中選取探棒, 包括「無接頭式」壓縮連接,而不需使用電路板式接頭。

  • 對用這些受限於電路板空間的各種應用,高密度 P6419 提供了最小的機體.
  • 彈性通用探棒,具支援0.100 in與2 mm 接腳的空間、低輸入容量,和連接許多業界標準之連結器配件.


Probe Type

Single-ended Data

Single-ended Clock

(General Purpose)

Single-ended Data

Single-ended Clock

(Compression 17-channel)

Single-ended Data

Single-ended Clock

(Mictor 34-channel)

Single-ended Data Single-ended Clock (D-Max Probing Technology)
Number of Channels17173434
Recommended Usage for:Most general-purpose applicationsApplications requiring good signal density and quick reliable attachmentApplications requiring many channels to be quickly connected in a small footprintApplications requiring many channels to be quickly connected in a small footprint
Attachment to Target SystemFits both 0.100 in. and 2 mm square pin configurationsCompression ElastomerAmp Mictor 34 Channel ConnectorD-Max probing technology compression cLGA
Probe Loading AC/DC2 pF/20 kΩ to 0 V (TLA5000)2 pF/20 kΩ to 0 V (TLA5000)

(TLA600, TLA7N/P/Qx)

(TLA600, TLA7N/P/Qx)

2 pF/20 kΩ to 2.2 V

(TLA600, TLA7N/P/Qx)

(TLA600, TLA7N/P/Qx)

Input Range-5 V to 8 V
Max Voltage (nondestruct)±15 V
Cable Length1.8 m (6 ft.)

Ordering Information


17-channel general-purpose Probe with Single-ended Data/Clock with Separable Podlets and Accessories

Includes: Podlet holders, IC Grabbers, ground leads, ground tips, extension ground tips, probe labels, probe instruction manual.


17-channel High-density Compression Probe, with Single-ended Data/Clock and Accessories

Includes: Nut bars, elastomer holder (thin PCBs), elastomer holder (thick PCBs), probe labels, probe instruction manual.



34-channel High-density Mictor Probe with Single-ended Data/Clock and Accessories

Includes: Latch housing assembly (edge-mount), latch housing assembly (vertical), probe labels, probe label instructions, probe instruction manual.


34-channel High-density D-Max Probing Technology Probe with Single-ended Data/Clock and Accessories

Includes: Probe Retention Kit for D-Max Probing Technology, probe labels, probe instruction manual.


Qty Per ProbePart NumberQty Per ProbePart NumberQty Per ProbePart NumberQty Per ProbePart Number
Nut Bar (used on 1020-2453-00
Elastomer Holder Assembly, Thin (used on 1020-2451-00
Elastomer Holder Assembly, Thick (used on >0.093 in. thick PCB), Bag of 21020-2452-00
Probe Retention Kit for D-Max Probing Technology------1020-2908-00
Sheet of Probe Labels1334-9979-001335-1007-001334-9381-001335-1990-00
1 Latch Housing Assembly, Edge-mount1105-1088-00
1 Latch Housing Assembly, Vertical1105-1089-00
High-resistance Adapter for use with General Purpose Probes*21TLAHRA
One-to-Two Adapter1 each013-0280-00
1 each – AMP Mictor Connector, Surface-mount1131-6134-01
21 each – AMP Mictor Connector, Surface-mount1020-2228-00
Mictor-on-PCB to P6419 Probe Adapter1020-2457-00
Compression-on-PCB to Mictor Adapter, 17 channel1020-2455-00
Compression-on-PCB to Mictor Adapter, 34 channel1020-2456-001020-2456-00

*1 Recommend PEM KFS-256 or equivalent for >0.093 in. thick PCB.

*2 Provides 1 MΩ input resistance for use in low-power applications.

Service Programs

Customers who choose a Tektronix product receive a support partnership focused on making the deployment and operation of their products successful. Tektronix support teams are committed to providing rapid response. A broad range of flexible services is available at the time of product purchase to meet customer service needs.

P6410 C3

P6450 C3

Calibration Service 3 years

P6410 C5

P6450 C5

Calibration Service 5 years

P6410 R3

P6450 R3

Repair Service 3 years (incl. Warranty)

P6410 R5

P6450 R5

Repair Service 5 years (incl. Warranty)

P6410 CA1

P6450 CA1

Provides a single calibration event or coverage for the designated calibration interval, whichever comes first.



Repair Service Coverage 1 year Post-warranty



Repair Service Coverage 2 years Post-warranty



Repair Service Coverage 3 years (incl. Product Warranty Period). 3-year period starts at time of instrument purchase.



Repair Service Coverage 5 years (incl. Product Warranty Period). 5-year period starts at time of instrument purchase.

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