AMETEK Calibration Services

Tektronix can manage 100% of your calibration needs.

Tektronix is the nation's leading provider of multi-brand calibration services. With a national network of resources, a robust quality program and broad capabilities, we offer standard and custom solutions to deliver fast, accurate calibration when and how it's needed.

  • Flexible delivery options, including pick-up and delivery, local drop-off, service centers and onsite service.
  • A variety of calibration levels matched to meet your specifications.
  • Complementary access to CalWeb®, a comprehensive online asset management application from Tektronix. Track assets, store certificates and invoices, and get an organization-wide view of your calibration program.
  • Expert technicians with experience in aerospace, automotive and medical industries ensure each calibration meets your specific quality requirements.


Tektronix multi-brand commercial calibration services can calibrate more than 140,000 instruments from 9,000 manufacturers, including the following models from AMETEK:

-30-0 INCH HG 0-200 PSI 1403-132268
1404-132241 1404-132249 1404-132252
1404-132253 1404-132254 1408-44583
1408-44584 1408-78875 1409-161947
1409-161948 1409-161949 1409-161950
1409-161951 1409-161952 1409-161953
1409-161954 1409-161955 1409-161956
1409-161957 1409-161958 143404A
165064A 1707 1726
1891 1893 1965
1981AM 201 202
30 IN HG 5000 5113
601 602 650SE
8TJ126 90B1 AC-1
ACCUFORCE III (0-500) AF-5 AF3100
ASC-300 ATC-140 A ATC-140B
ATC-156 ATC-157 A ATC-157 B
ATC-320B BU-2581-AM BU-2581-AQ
BU-2581-CY C-650-2 C-891
CCR-440 CD1-002 CD1-010
CD1-050 CD1-100 CP-10
CP-200 CP-30 CPC010C
CTC-1200A CTC-140A CTC-320A
CTC-650A CTC-650B CU-2581-GW
CU-2581-HL CU-2581-JM CU-2581-JT
D-100 D-100-T D-100TC
D-150 D-150-M D-200-M
D-200-T D-50-T D100
D200 D40 D500
D55SE DB-35L DB-700A
DFM50 DM-T-100 DM-T-150
DM-T-50-1/C ETC-125A ETC-400 A
HK-1000 HK-500 HL-10
HL-10-1 HL-12 HL-2
HL-2-1 HL-20 HL-20-1
HL-30 HL-30-1 HL-36
HL-4 HL-4-1 HL-6
HL-6-1 HL-6029 HLG-36-1
HLG20 HPC400-20C HPC400-2C
HPC400-7C ITC-155A ITC-650A
JOFRA APC_-15/10PSIG_0.05%FS JOFRA APC_-15/200PSIG_0.04%RD, 0.01%FS JOFRA APC_-15/30PSIG_0.04%RD, 0.01%FS
JOFRA APC_-15/500PSIG_0.04%RD, 0.01%FS JOFRA APC_0/10000PSIG_0.04%RD, 0.01%FS JOFRA APC_0/1000PSIG_0.04%RD, 0.01%FS
JOFRA APC_0/10PSIG_0.05%FS JOFRA APC_0/200PSIG_0.04%RD, 0.01%FS JOFRA APC_0/3000PSIG_0.04%RD, 0.01%FS
JOFRA APC_0/30PSIG_0.04%RD, 0.01%FS JOFRA APC_0/5000PSIG_0.04%RD, 0.01%FS JOFRA APC_0/500PSIG_0.04%RD, 0.01%FS
L-1 L-10 L-10 LB
L-10-M L-150 L-2
L-20 L-250 L-30
L-5 L-5M L0-5M
LKG-05 LKG-1 LKG-15
LN-10 LN-150 LN-2.5
LN-44 LO-1 LO-5
MG100 MK-1 MK-100
MK-2 MK-3 ML4800-2
MTC-650A MTC-HIGH P-1590
P-500_-30/0_PSIG_B P-500_0/1000_PSIG_B P-500_0/100_PSIG_B
P-500_0/10_PSIG_B P-500_0/1500_PSIG_B P-500_0/2000_PSIG_B
P-500_0/200_PSIG_B P-500_0/2500_PSIG_B P-500_0/250_PSIG_B
P-500_0/3000_PSIG_B P-500_0/300_PSIG_B P-500_0/5000_PSIG_B
P-500_0/500_PSIG_B P-500_0/50_PSIG_B P-500_0/750_PSIG_B
PA3000_0/1000PSIA_0.25%FS PA3000_0/100PSIA_0.25%FS PA3000_0/10KPSIA_0.25%FS
PA3000_0/10PSIA_0.25%FS PA3000_0/2000PSIA_0.25%FS PA3000_0/200PSIA_0.25%FS
PA3000_0/20PSIA_0.25%FS PA3000_0/40PSIA_0.25%FS PA3000_0/5000PSIA_0.25%FS
PA3000_0/500PSIA_0.25%FS PA3000_0/50PSIA_0.25%FS PG3000_0/1000PSIG_0.25%FS
PG3000_0/100PSIG_0.25%FS PG3000_0/10KPSIG_0.25%FS PG3000_0/10PSIG_0.25%FS
PG3000_0/2000PSIG_0.25%FS PG3000_0/200PSIG_0.25%FS PG3000_0/20PSIG_0.25%FS
PG3000_0/40PSIG_0.25%FS PG3000_0/5000PSIG_0.25%FS PG3000_0/500PSIG_0.25%FS
PG3000_0/50PSIG_0.25%FS PK II PK-104WC-SS
PK-2 PK-254WC-SS PK-654WC
PK-854WC-SS PK2-104WC-SS PK2-250WC-SS
PK2-254WC-SS PK2-304WC-SS PK2-854WC-SS
PK2-MED R-100 R-110-1
R110 RK-100 RK-1600WC
RK-1600WC-SS RK-300 RANGE 0-300 RK-300-1A
RK-300-SS RK-300WC RK-50
RK300 RTC-156 RTC-157
RTC-158 RTC-700 STS-103 B
T-10-1/C T-100 T-10P-TC
T-150 T-150-1 T-155
T-30 T-50 T-50-1/C
T-730 W/ (0-30 PSI) T-740 T100-1L
TC-1726 TC6000-1 TC6000-12
TC6000-5 TORQUE-CHEK TQ-150-1
WG-20 WG-20Q WG-30Q


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