BERTScopePC Software, V 10.15.1284

The BERTScope PC software provides for PC control of BERTScope Clock Recovery (CR125A, CR175A, CR286A) and Digital Pre-Emphasis Processor (DPP125, DPP125B, DPP125C)and BSAITS instruments that are being operated as stand-alone instruments, i.e. not connected directly to a BERTScope bit error rate tester.

With the BERTScopePC software installed on a Windows PC, and the stand-alone instrument connected to the PC via the standard USB interface, the BERTScopePC software will initiate installation of the appropriate driver and provide a user interface allowing control of all DPP or CR functions.

The user interface provided for each instrument will be familiar to users of the BERTScope bit error rate tester, and includes access to the BERTScope help files.

Included in the installation is the BERTScope Remote Client application which provides for remote access to the BERTScopePC application. Also included is the CR firmware update tool.

  • 版本: V 10.15.1284
  • 軟體類型: 應用
  • 發行日期:
  • 零件編號: 063430803

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此軟體適用於: CR125A, CR175A, CR286A, DPP125C, BSAITS125



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