WLAN 測試與分析 (IEEE 802.11) 測試與分析

加速及簡化 802.11 無線 LAN 裝置的測試與分析

無論您在測試新的晶片組、設計新的無線模組或將 WLAN 模組與您的最新設計整合,Tektronix 都能提供 Wi-Fi 實體層 (PHY) 測試解決方案協助您完成工作,並縮短設計上市時間。

請查看以下資訊,深入瞭解有關 WLAN 測試 成功的預相容性步驟 的最佳實務,以及 Tektronix 解決方案如何協助您第一次就通過效能及相容性測試。





輕鬆執行 802.11 Wi-Fi 測試立即取得海報,即可享受所有 Wi-Fi 標準一目了然的便利性。
如何選擇您的 Wi- Fi 模組

當您為應用搜尋 Wi-Fi 模組時,您會有許多不同種類的解決方案可供選擇。閱讀本指南,找出最佳做法以選擇整合時的最佳 Wi-Fi 晶片組或模組。

適用於 WLAN 法規測試的頻譜預符合性

本應用摘要介紹使用預封裝 WLAN 模組的典型設計週期與潛在陷阱。

Wi-Fi:802.11 實體層和發射器量測概述

此入門手冊綜覽各個 802.11 標準、其實體層特性和測試需求。

IQ 調變器的基頻回應特性分析

本應用摘要簡要說明了導致調變錯誤的來源,並提供如何分析 IQ 調變器特性以更正這些錯誤的詳細步驟。

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Navigating the Road to WiGig

This webinar features Tektronix expert, Dorine Gurney, sharing her insights on the key factors to consider when performing transmitter testing to IEEE 802.11ad. 

Wi-Fi Pre-Compliance Measurements

If you’re integrating a WLAN radio into your design, you probably have questions on how to pass compliance tests for FCC regulations. Surprisingly, only 1 in 10 engineers pass the first time. And failing is expensive and translates to project delays.

Now our new 1-hour webinar is here with the answers you need. With its overview of today’s regulatory standards including tips for simple and easy modulation analysis, this webinar provides the insight and preparation elements you need to pass compliance testing the first time.  Join the webinar to learn about:

·         Common spectrum compliance standards

·         Resolving integration issues for WLAN radios

·         How to use an MDO4000 Mixed Domain Oscilloscope to test for transmit power, occupied bandwidth, mask test of spectrum emissions and spurious emissions

Although passing your compliance test on the first try isn’t easy, it’s not impossible. Watch this webinar to learn more.



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