100G 光學與電子 Tx/Rx

Tektronix 提供適合 100G 標準的綜合 Tx & Rx 測試支援,還有針對 NRZ 和 PAM4 訊號及 相干性同調調變 格式的測試導引。Tektronix 測試儀器讓您的團隊做好準備來因應下一波的數據通訊技術。




Semtech Turns to Tektronix DSA8300 Sampling Scope to Characterize New 25-28 Gb/s CDR Devices
This customer case study illustrates the benefits that Tektronix DataCom test solutions deliver to characterize electrical performance of 100G technologies with the industry’s lowest intrinsic noise …
時脈還原入門,第 1 部分
從實用的角度來查看時脈還原,並強調其如何影響量測,第 1 部分。
以 16G 光纖通道速率分析 SFP + 收發器的特性
研究針對 16G 光纖通道標準測試  SFP+ 收發器所需要的量測,涵蓋多模式 850 nm 和單一模式 Mode 1310 nm 介面。包含一個使用最新測試設備以 14.025 Gb/s 的 16G 線速率,單一模式 1310 nm 雷射 SFP+ 收發器進行。
Ultralow drive voltage silicon traveling-wave modulator Paper (Optical Society of America)
Silicon platforms are emerging as a commercial platform for integrated photonics. To integrate directly with on-chip electronics, drive voltages at or below 1 Vpp are desirable.In this paper from the …
消光比 (ER) 校驗白皮書
本白皮書介紹了一些高準確度 ER 量測的好處,不論是在 10 GbE (乙太網路),利用其相對較低的 ER 要求;還是在 SONET/SDH,支援一致、準確的 ER 結果的方法。
Optical Bandwidth Requirements for NRZ and PAM4 Signaling
Until recently, both optical and electrical bandwidths produced similar results but this is no longer the case with the recent IEEE spec change. This paper clarifies these terms, mathematically shows …
32 Gbit/s QPSK Transmission at 385 GHz
Learn more about a world record breaking wireless system capable of transmitting data at 400 GHz (0.4 THz) using advanced signal coding (up to QAM-16) and key advanced THz devices in this whitepaper …
Overcoming SNDR Measurement Challenges in 100G, 400G Datacom Testing
With important changes occurring in transmitter characterization and measurement methods for 100G and 400G standards (both IEEE and OIF-CEI) it is vital to learn more about SNDR and its advantages …
PAM4 Signaling in High Speed Serial Technology: Test, Analysis, and Debug
Learn valuable information on testing PAM4 technology and approaches for validating PAM4 signals.  This application note describes: PAM4 technology for 50-400G applications Provides details of PAM4 …
讓您瞭解為產生光學訊號所提供的最高效工具和技術: •   複雜調變方法和 OOFDM 訊號•   產生基頻訊號和「黃金標準」訊號•    增加線性失真和非線性失真•    為偏分多工產生訊號•    基本 AWG 效能特點
100G/400G Datacom Transmitter Measurements: Determining Proper Measurement Tools for 100G/400G Datacom Testing
This application note walks through a number of common misconceptions and key considerations to help you select the proper scope technology (RTO vs. ETO) for your needs.
Practices for Measurements on 25 Gb/s Signaling
This application note describes the measurement practices for the characterization and compliance test of the transmitter and receiver for 25+ Gb/s signaling in 100 G systems. Focus is on oscilloscope …
100 Gb/s通訊系統實體層測試
本應用指南涵蓋了裝配100G系統必需的發射器和接收器測試。由於每種25+ Gb/s HSS技術均有共同的主題,因此我們將檢視100 GbE 相容性測試要求,同時指出其他高速系統 (如光纖通道的32GFEC) 之間的差異。在100 GbE規格存在空白時,如在25-28 Gb/s介面發訊中,我們將採用光學互通論壇公共電介面實行通訊協定 (OIF-CEI)。
縮小BER和眼狀圖之間的差距 - BER輪廓教程
BER 輪廓量測 - 這是什麼、如何構造,以及為何是以 GB 速度檢視參數效能的重要方式。
End to end measurement solutions from Tektronix enable researchers and designers to comprehensively and swiftly analyze, debug and test cutting-edge technology with greater speed and precision …
1m 21s
Get an overview of the optical solutions available from Tektronix. Learn about what we showcased at our OFC 2016 exhibit, then learn more about these solutions online.
1m 16s
Watch Tektronix experts as they provide a brief overview of test technologies being demonstrated on 100G components, transceivers and systems for the Datacom and Long Haul Networking Design …
2m 16s
View this demonstration of interoperability at OFC2013 using Tektronix DSA8300 Sampling Oscilloscope and BSA286C BERTScope. Tektronix assisted the Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) and member …
4m 56s
See how Tektronix is supporting industry adoption of 28Gb/s interconnect with OIF industry members in this informative Interoperability demonstation at ECOC 2014.
6m 17s
Watch Tektronix experts as they provide a brief overview of test technologies being demonstrated on 100G components, transceivers and systems for the Datacom and Long Haul Networking Design …
4m 37s
Tektronix Expert Rob Marsland explains the validation approach for next generation 400G and 1T optical modulation formats at ECOC 2014 in Cannes France.
3m 59s
Designing and developing 100G components, modules and systems requires the latest tools and techniques. In this video, you'll learn how to:Set up a complete system for active optical cable …
2m 7s
See how to conduct PAM-4 Analysis using PPG3204 Pattern Generator and DSA8300 Sampling Oscilloscope on multi-level eye diagrams.
2m 6s
Watch this video to get an overview of the new Link Training Tool, which forms part of the expanded analysis software for Tektronix DPO70000SX oscilloscopes. Link Training helps engineers to …
1m 31s
Tackle today's high-speed serial signals and tomorrow's too with the scalable, flexible DPO70000SX series. Watch this short video to see how.
2m 5s
Observe as Tektronix Dr. Klaus Engenhardt demonstrates how to conduct PAM-4 Signal Generation using AWG70000's.
2m 31s
Finding the right filter settings for your optical TDECQ and NRZ measurements can be a pain on conventional solutions. With the new real-time O to E’s (DPO7OE Series) from Tektronix changing the …
1m 54s
Find out how new PAM4 software updates including full noise decomposition enable you to ensure your designs comply with the latest changes in compliance standards. 
5m 16s
This video highlights the benefits of using the DPO70000SX real time oscilloscope-based system for 400G optical/electrical PAM-4 debug and analysis.
4m 3s
In this video you will learn how easy it is to recover a clock on an optical PAM4 signal and display an eye. The DPO7OE1 and DPO7OE2 is the perfect solution for optical high-speed measurement …
2m 26s
At this booth, we're demonstrating our DS8300 Digital Sampling Oscilloscope including new PAM4 software modules. 
2m 10s
The accelerated development of 400G Ethernet technology is driving new requirements through the test community as it relates to measuring electrical PAM4 systems. This presentation will review …
1h 12s
See the versatility of our high-speed optical-to-electrical converters (DPO7OE1 and DPO7OE2 Optical Probes) for 200G and 400G PAM4 measurements. Multiple high-speed acquisitions of long pattern …
3m 41s
See 100G/400G Real-Time and Equivalent Time oscilloscope solutions that enable seamless transition across your workflow. From product R&D and debug to design validation and production test – see …
3m 38s
See a demonstration test system for the next generation of optical signaling, 56Gbaud Ethernet (IEEE 802.3bs, 802.3cd), including PAM-4 TDECQ measurement capability.
5m 57s
At OFC 2018 it’s not just about speed but also interoperability both between standards and among equipment vendors. Here Tek’s Pavel Zivny showcases a demonstration system with a Tektronix DSA8300 …
3m 27s
Watch our highlights overview of OFC 2017! This year we demonstrated the industry’s only optical modulation analysis software supporting multi-OMA systems, next generation in optical signaling …
1m 43s
Take a look at Tektronix complete 400G coherent optical test system recently on display at OFC. It includes next generation signal generation, modulation, acquisition, and analysis.
5m 31s
At this ECOC 2016 Demo Station, we're looking at generating a 50+ Gigabaud Optical Signal and also how our DPO70000SX oscilloscope enables a stable trigger on a 32 Gigabaud signal.
2m 49s
In this video we look at a topic that is becoming increasingly important in the high-speed serial industry—how to perform embedded measurements at the IC or PCB level using probes.
4m 14s
Characterizing Coherent Optical Systems Webinar
Learn about the coherent modulation being considered for 400G networks, the key building blocks of a coherent test system, how to optimize measurement accuracy and the benefits of customizable …
NBASET and IEEE8023bz Technology and Measurements
The rapid growth of ever-more powerful mobile devices, and the adoption of new wireless technologies such as 802.11ac, has enterprise networks struggling to keep pace. To meet these rising bandwidth …
New Technologies for Probing Low Power Circuits Webinar
As designs for mobile devices and computers use lower power circuits in their design, validation testing and debug become more challenging. Board and component density increase leaving little space …
PAM4 Electrical Webinar
The accelerated development of 400G Ethernet technology is driving new requirements through the test community as it relates to measuring electrical PAM4 systems. This presentation will review PAM4 …